A Little About Me

So I don't know why i didnt do this sooner but I figure the best place to start is how I started...

Well if my stoner brain serves me correctly in September 2015 I was working another shitty minimum wage job and not feeling that great about myself. Trying to survive in my expensive ass city, with my boyfriend, who I call my "hubby" after 10 years strong. And fighting the usual self esteem issues. But anyways point is life was a bit of a struggle, but nothing that hard that we couldn't get through! Hubby suggested I look into webcamming to maybe boost my self esteem a lil and see myself as what he saw me as, which was sexy. So I did! 

Spent week's researching everything from my safety, to equipment, to a "look" haha.

Finally I decided to just go for it! 

Before long I was not only able to quit my crappy ass job but I was feeling like a whole new person thanks to the amazing people I've met along the way. 

Meeting great people, feeling sexy and fabulous, being creative while getting off! What can a girl ask for?! 

So going from webcamming, to Snapchat, to my own website! It's been all in all pretty exciting and I'm stoked to have all of you on this journey with me! 

So what about you your asking yourself, cause if you know me at all I tend to ramble hahaha...

Well I'm definitely more of a homebody with a travel bug hahaha if that's possible. Love to cook, paint, absolutely love camping. Something about being away from the city and into the woods, swimming in the river and enjoying good company. Can't ask for better!

And I enjoy TV and movies more than any healthy person should! 

God I love alot of things so I'll stop on that topic.

Like I said before I love to talk so this aries ram is always down for a ol' debate and I can be rather feisty at times haha. I'm a firey straight shooter but deep down a huge ass softy. Fuck, shouldn't even tell you this! Haha

But seriously, sarcasm aside having empathy and caring for others is extremely important to me. We've all seen enough stupid shit in our lives to realize that kindness and happiness makes the world keep turning.

But holy crap what else can I say, I seem like a wild child in my videos don't I?! This toned down wild child can be boring too Hahaha. 

Hope y'all still love this crazy Canadian as much as I love all of you! 

Without all you guys where would I be? Hahaha let's not go there, but I'll say this....

I'm beyond grateful that all of you have allowed me to continue this awesome adventure by being there for me and supporting me and my work! 

As a truly kinky kat way of ending this...

Y'all kick ass and lots of love